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2020 Had Other Plans

Well 2020 has certainly been a year of craziness. There's no secret that businesses have had to close down and Tye Mathis Photography and Videography has missed crucial months of business and income. The year did start off with some amazing sessions.

The year was full of promise and I was focused on hitting a personal goal of 100 shoots for the year. But then -ish got real and "Rona" came through and shut all of that down. How has it been? For me rough, but I have hope, I can adapt and there's lenses that will allow me to shoot and social distance!

For now though, my Photography has been limited to close family and those in my isolation pod. What's a isolation pod? A group of people that I know and trust have only interacted with civilization for essential things like grocery shopping. For months there were sacrifices made to help flatten the curve. My kids were really over me taking pictures of them. After all Photography is also a stress reliever and with home, school and work all home, you can only imagine the amount of stress March, April and May threw at me. I got to a point where I was taking pictures of toy cars.

Then family came to visit and I was delighted to have new subjects. I had some practicing to do because practice makes perfect and a Aunt that was more than patient to work with me. I am taking this time to take the pictures that I want my work to be known for. I am slowing down and planning the projects I want to work on and gathering information to curate a piece of art. Can we say...Virtual Gallery? I have two projects I am planning and Fall is looking promising for doing the work.

So what now? Coronavirus is still out there. But I think we've nailed down some precautions. For example, wear masks, wash your hands, avoid large crowds. What does that mean for clients? Starting in August I will be ready to accept a limited amount of bookings. Right now it's only possible to book consultations. From there, we can assess the situation and book accordingly. While I take the pandemic seriously, I also know now is the time to capture memories and also take a moment to escape from the stress of everyday life.

Well that's all! Have more questions? Be sure to Book a Consultation and we can Chat!

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