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Tye Mathis the Black, White and Grey

You've landed on my site and you're probably asking yourself. "Why should I choose this photographer with alll of the photographers in Atlanta?" Well that's a great question, after all you're not just picking a photographer. You're choosing someone to capture possibly one of the most intimate or joyous moment of your life. I am going to be in your face if needed to get the shot. To get the details that in the moment you might be too stressed to think about.

I am here for the love, smiles, happiness. I love love. I am about capturing all the beautiful moments life gives us.

I might be in the room while you're giving birth or not too long afterwards. I'm a mother so I know the feeling when you've just given birth and your body needs a rest. I'll probably see things that you need to be REAL comfortable with a person seeing. And I'll be there watching, waiting for the shot where I can capture the most precious moment.

I'm hold babies, play with kids, offer advise and love in all of my shoots because, what drives me as a photographer is love. I put passion and love into my photography, I take pictures that I would want hanging on my walls. To me each project is a story waiting to be told

Bottom line is, I need to be a good fit for you and you a good fit for me. I'd like for my work to be what brings clients to me, but it's the personal connection what results in us creating a project. A story to share with the world. So let's chat. Book your consultation now.

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